About us


The Adult Education Association of Music in Norway (AEAM) is a NGO, governmentally approved adult learning association. AEAM is member of the Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL).

AEAM is an umbrella organization which consists of 37 national voluntary organizations - all dealing with music; however in different genres. These organizations comprise about 170 000 individual members and made approximately 5 700 courses with about 83 000 participants in 2023.

AEAM receives governmental support.

Through a legal system of criteria, AEAM supports the organizations and their groups / ensembles economically.

AEAM has a central administration in Oslo and has autonomous regional offices in all counties of Norway.

The aim of AEAM

The aim of AEAM is

  • to arrange and co-ordinate adult education in music, acting on behalf of music organizations in matters of music policy
  • to promote non formal adult learning (lifelong learning) within the field of culture - particularly music
  • to emphasize the importance of the non-formal adult learning in relation to creating better individual lives, building local communities in which the inhabitants are thriving.
  • to ensure the high quality of the learning which takes place through the rehearsals of the ensembles (e.g. choirs, orchestras, rock bands, jazz bands)